Did you know that scheduling an annual home plumbing inspection could save* you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance? Because we can find and identify problems such as leaky pipes and water damage early, you can avoid costly damages and repairs caused by delayed maintenance. Call today to schedule an onsite plumbing inspection and keep your home working like new!

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Did you know that Anode Rods work to protect your water heater from corrosion and rust that can damage your appliance?

Experts recommend that you should flush your water heater at least once every one to three years for the best performance.

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Avoid major plumbing problems and issues with your water supply by periodically checking to ensure the water pressure you are using is not to high. If left unchecked, water pressure that is too high may stress your pipes and cause damages such as broken pipes and flooding.

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your home! Not only do backed up pipes smell awful, but they also make a mess and can lead to more severe plumbing problems and home damages. Avoid the stress with an annual plumbing inspection from KORCO™ Plumbing in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

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