Protect your home and family with professionally installed, Water Storage Tanks from KORCO™ Plumbing. In addition to providing a safe drinking water supply for humans and pets during an emergencies, Water Storage Tanks may also help improve your property value.

KORCO™ Plumbing offers many top quality Water Storage Tanks for residential properties across New Mexico. Call today for more information and leave the installation to us!

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While you have many options when it comes to buying Water Storage Tanks, ultimately the amount of water you need will depend on the size of your home or garden. 

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Because every project is different, the cost for installing Water Storage Tanks will vary by size and vendor. However, we always offer affordable payment options for installation.

Don’t risk running out of water in an emergency! Because KORCO™ Water Storage Tanks will provide a fresh water supply for your family during emergencies, everyone can rest a little easier. Call our local offices for an estimate, and see why we have a reputation for being the best plumber in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

During emergencies it is good to have source of drinking water. Because Water Storage Tanks hold hundreds of gallons worth of fresh water, you can rest a little easier.

At KORCO™ Plumbing we always back our products and services with a full, customer satisfaction guarantee. Call today for more information about water storage tanks.

Having a freshwater backup is critical in ensuring that you have water if there is a reduction in pressure or a complete outage of water supply from the municipality. This system will integrate your existing main water supply so that in the event of an outage you will still have a back-up until supply returns.